Pictures taken before I was born.

For Victorian steam lovers. This photo is from the late 1930s. Two of the famous S class in their Spirit of Progress disguises.

Twin Spirits of Progress
From a Photo by the late  Fred Yates

Prior to 1953 a C36 class looked like this. Photographed in the late 1930s this C36 is in original condition with a round top boiler which ran at 180 lbs/sqin. In 1953 they were fitted with Belpaire boilers running at 200 lbs/sqin which increased their tractive effort from 30500 lbs to 33887 lbs. Notice the small spoked pony-truck wheels. These were fitted on 3660 and up.
A round top C36 on the Newcastle Express
From a Photo by the late  Fred Yates

Garden Island Naval Base, Sydney Harbour,   1929.
Garden Island Naval Base
From a Photo in the The Sydney Mail Annual 1929

The Botanical Gardens and Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour,   1929.
Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour.
From a Photo in the The Sydney Mail Annual 1929

The North Sydney end aproach of a young Sydney Harbour Bridge showing the Milson's Point tram and train stations.
Milson's Point Tram & Train Stations.
From a Photo by Unknown

A very young Sydney Harbour Bridge in the 1930s. It's the biggest thing around and could be seen for many miles. Photographed looking towards the City of Sydney from Milson's Point railway station. In 2002 it will be 70 yrs old. Will it last another 70 years? See "Silent Observer".
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
From a Photo by the late  Fred Yates

A close pylon-eye look at the Bridge. It's so new, if you look closely enough, you can still see the price-tag hanging off it.
A pylon-eye view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
From a Photo by the late  Fred Yates

The City of Sydney end aproach photographed from the top of the southern pylon of a very young Sydney Harbour Bridge. Trams on the left and trains on the right. Notice the heavy vehicular traffic. The planners were very forward thinking in those days. Pity they aren't still doing our planning now.
The southern approach of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
From a Photo by the late  Fred Yates

The pleasant and uncluttered view of the City of Sydney, Circular Quay and Bennelong Point/Fort Macquarie from the southern pylon in the late 1930s.
An uncluttered Sydney and Circular Quay
From Photos by the late  Fred Yates

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  All of the above Photos have been altered (de-cluttered) in some way to make them display more clearly. I apologise in advance but it is tricky to get photos transferred clearly to the computer screen while keeping the files as short as possible. All Photos retain the copyright of their owners.

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