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The Buzzword Generator.

Do you hold your friends spellbound with your eloquence? Are your sentences interesting and full of brain bending utterances or are they just plain boring? Spice them up with Buzz Words and instantly impress your friends and confound your enemies.

It's easy with the Buzz Word Generator. Just pick any word from Column One. Follow it with any word from Column Two and finish off the trio with any word from Column Three. The combination of these three words will turn any boring sentence into one of sophistication and maximum unintelligibility.

Try it out on your boss, though you might find that he already uses one.

  The Buzzword Generator.

Column One Column Two Column Three
integrated management options
total organisational flexibility
systemised monitored capability
parallel reciprocal mobility
functional digital programming
responsive logic concept
optical transitional time-phase
synchronised incremental projection
compatible third-generation hardware
balanced policy contingency

Well the above Buzzwords have been in use now for around 40 years and are a bit dated. Below is a new list of words and phrases which, when liberally sprinkled throughout your speech, will continue to impress your friends and enemies alike.

On the Front Burner Workforce Optimisation One on One Interface
Get with the Program Think Outside the Square Target that Skillset
Take It Under Advisement Flat Management Structure On the Same Page
Dont Reinvent the Wheel Massage the Data Put This to Bed
Circular Filing Cabinet At the Coalface On Your Radar
Let's Table That Touch Base Soft Landing
Drop the Ball Raise the Bar Peel the Onion
Paradigm Shift Mission Critical Analysis Paralysis
Shield Time Create Synergies Head Shunting
Heads Up Ramp Up Tee Up
Band-Aid Drill Down Win-Win
Uptitling Empowerment Proactive

FYI : For Your Informatiom,       KPI : Key Performance Indicator,       PVM : Perceived Value for Money
SME : Subject Matter Expert,   CXO : General term for Chief xxx Officer,   SPOC : Single Point of Contact

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