Reflective Images.


Images that are eye-catching, spectacular, deceptive or just simply thought provoking.
They were gathered over time from newspapers, magazines, my camera and a book or two.





Hidden Power. Sometimes what you cant see is the most important.



Red sky at night, sailor's delight.



No sailor's delight here.



Definitely no sailor's delight here.



Sailor's delight at last, steaming down the Hawkesbury river on a warm lazy Sunday afternoon.



How long before this disappears?



How long before this disappears?   The skyline already has.



Hopefully this never will.



Never mind what keeps it on the rails. What keeps it on the ground?



A good place to hide your UFO?



Yes, that's a real London bus and the ship above it is the new 150,000 ton QM2.



The QM2 on the water at last. A veritable floating block of flats?



Now that's what you call a real bend in the river.



Global warming?



Global warming?



Global warming? Not here.



Global warming? Yes please.



I wonder if I've room for another couple of legs?



Confucius say:   Woman who sit here too long have rocks in head.



Would it be ok if I bring a few friends home for dinner, darling?



Is Venice on display to the passengers or the ship on display to the Venicians?



Is this why our early settlers cut down the Australian kerosene-like trees near their houses and planted English trees instead?



This is one of those images which leave you speechless.



Which pig has a jelly-fish gene? And we should trust the scientists because .....?



This plane will cost the world US$300,000,000,000. Spending this sum on the world's problems would remove the need for it.



A more innocent time.



Now, there's a place with none of the world's problems, until we take them there.









The real thing.



Could the end of life on earth, as we know it, be lurking on Mars just waiting for NASA to bring it back?



Terra, third planet of Sol...... we call it Home...... or is it our prison...... or our pen?



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The Twin Towers photo taken by Jay Maisel in early 1980s.

Australia's kerosene-like Eucalypt trees become highly flammable when their leaves rise above a certain temperature.

The Real Thing is the telescopic view of the Moon, not the binocular view, hence it's upside down.

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This page first written 26-7-2002 last updated 22-8-2004.
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