C32 class loco, flat truck and guard's van

The Image Workshop.

At various places throughout this site, I mention the fact that most of the pictures have been decluttered or altered in some way to make them more applicable to my story and/or easier to see.

The NSWGR page required constant sized pictures in which the subject, be it steam-engines or carriages, were very easy to see. This meant removing all the extraneous background information from each photo, as in the following examples :-
Original Photo Cleaner
Original Photo Much Cleaner
Original Photo Started Much Cleaner
Original Photo Started Cleaner
Original Photo Better

The next problem to be solved was scanning pictures that are too big for the scanner. Here the left and right sections had to be scanned, trimmed, then joined. After that the washed out section of the firebox was repainted.
Final Result

Here the original picture is very large, has the centre fold with staples and, to top it off, has bits of the picture missing.

The result.
 From the Sydney Mail Annual 1929
Here the original has bad portholeing and scratches. Original Photo
Here a number of scratches had to be removed.
Original Photo with scratches
No scratches
Here the problem was to highlight the actual screw coupler while still showing its relative position on the end of a carriage. Two methods were tried.
Original Photo Trimmed High-lighted
Original Photo trimmed Blurred through a stencil

This problem is the removal of visual pollution and reinstating the original clean paint scheme.
Original Photo One Advertisement gone Back to normal

Here the problem was to open the doors to show more clearly the narrow width of the doorways and the space between them.
Original Photo with both doors closed One door opened Both doors open

Bet you didn't think that the NSWGR had a 4-2-0. NSWGR's only 4-2-0
This occurs when the self-clocking roller on a hand scanner slips on the paper.


The following pix are the ones I didn't use for various reasons.

Unused Images Unused Images Unused Images Unused Images

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