C32 class Steam-Loco, one flat truck and a guards-van moving.

          I invite you to get in my time machine and come back to where I live. Back to the time when all the country rail lines were shiny. Back when the engines all had big wheels and fire in their bellies. To a time when the carriages were heavy and the seats soft and comfortable. When you could open the doors & windows, breathe fresh air and feel the wind on your face. When the carriage doors were not locked and you could get out in an emergency. When you felt that the railways were actually provided to help you get around. When you weren't forced to book your seat and let the "Powers That Be" know where you were going. When it was safe to ride the trains without security guards. When every station had enough staff to do the job. When the signalling worked properly and derailments of passenger trains were almost unheard of. When you could ride a real train, not a pretend one (read 'bus'), to any station in NSW on the good old NSWGR (New South Wales Government Railways).

   I guess by now you will see that I originally designed this web site for people who love Steam-trains. Maybe even for people who like or think they may be interested in, or who have relatives or friends who love, like or think they may be interested in, Steam-trains. Dont worry, it's not all trains. Over time, the site has expanded to include electronics, humour, history, astrophotography, scifi, politics, and a few colourful pictures. However, not everything on this site is straight forward. Some items are easy to find. Others take perseverance. Some, you will just stumble on. Why should websites be predictable?

  This site, which so far has taken around six years to put together (I'm a hunt & peck typist) and it's still not finished, was designed to be viewed on a 15 inch monitor at a resolution of 800 x 600 (though most of the site will be OK on 640 x 480 as well). If you don't know what that means just look at the train picture at the top of this page. If you see a Steam locomotive and two wagons you will be ok. Even better if it looks like it's moving.

  The name Locofonic comes from the following; 'loco' short for locomotive and 'fonic' meaning the sound thereof; i.e. the sound of locomotives, steam of course.

  This website consists of the following :-

  • A seven-part story on why I love Steam-trains. (From a 7 year-old's point of view going on a steam-train holiday.)
  • Infomation pages on various NSWGR Steam-engines and Carriages.
  • A number of free MP3 Steam-train recordings.
  • Images to reflect on.
  • For our foreign friends who may have visited Sydney in the 1930s & early 1940s, a few pix of the "coathanger" and the harbour taken around that time.
  • My Electricks page where those electronically minded might find something useful.
  • Does electricity cause cancer? This and a few other questions from the Silent Observer.
  • A story concerning the trials and tribulations of an incompetent deep-space pilot. (Not easy to find.)
  • You Must Remember This.
  • Mysteries of the Browsers. (Some differences I found between Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4)
  • My internet Rocking Chair where I expand a few thoughts I have thunk. (From the verb to think, thank, thunk.)  A tongue-in-cheek look at the world around us. Well, maybe not so tongue-in-cheek. You decide.
  • The Pyramids. How were they built?
  • Hit or Myth?   Are these just Myths or is there a hint of truth hidden in there somewhere?  eg.  Supermarket plastic bags are now an intrinsic part of our garbage system by reducing flies, smells and disease in our warm climate, and less trees cut down for newspaper to wrap rubbish in.
  • Global Warming. Just a lot of hot air cooked up by Politicians who want to rule the world?
  • Unbelievable. Occurrences and utterances that are just unbelievable.
  • And on a lighter note. You've gotta laugh, or try a puzzle, if you dont want to break the sane barrier when takin'off.
  • Special Info.
  • Sydney gets a visiting Princess.
  • Valves & Tubes. What good are they?
  • A few interesting websites.

  When reading "Why I love Steam-trains" you may want to transfer momentarily to the NSWGR Steam-engine page. To return to the place you were reading please use the X in the top right corner of your browser.

  If you find anything on this website useful and you wish to show your appreciation, please send me a post card of where you live to: G Yates PO Box 134 Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 Australia. If you cant afford a post card then please send me an email with your thoughts on my website, good or bad. Thank you.

The following three books were used as references for spelling, word meaning and word choice for this site:-
1. The Collins New Gem Dictionary. 2. The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary. 3. Roget's Pocket Thesaurus.

For those of you who like statistics, this 75Mb site consists of 204 html pages containing 376739 words. As well there are 245 diagrams, 845 images and 33 sound files.

  Back to Steam and a word or two about the story "Why I love Steam-trains". These trips occurred once a year, from 1944 to 1950, mostly in January with a few in April. I was quite young at the time. A couple more occured when I was a teenager in the late 1950s. The story is a composite of all these trips with some memories coming from each. Maybe every thing I've written happened each trip. Maybe only on some trips. Don't be too pedantic about the details. It was a long time ago and, while having a reasonably good memory, I might be wrong about something or other. I was just a little kid at the time.

  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I know it brought tears to my eyes just remembering it. Sorry I've gotta go. The Station Master has just got his green lantern out so . . . . . . . . . . . . . . All Aboaaarrrd!

  ©  Gary Yates   Locofonic Recordings Australia  
This page first written February 20, 2000 last updated February 1, 2009.