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  1. Do you think our Pry-minister was just a tad arrogant when he recently advised the Americans on how to run a freemarket economy? To whit, warning them not to over-regulate their corporate cowboys. And us with 1/12 their population, having sold half our country to foreigners and most of our successful businesses to foreign investors. Makes you think he is on the side of the corporate cowboys, doesn't it? Maybe this explains why our government is sitting on its hands over the public-liability insurance scandal. Sounds like "Let them eat cake" all over again. The affluent party actually doesn't like self-regulation, otherwise it would bring in more stringent rules to stop such fiascos.

    An example of self-regulation at work. In the sixties, a one hour TV programme consisted of 55 minutes of programme and 5min of advertisments. Now, a one hour programme consists of 40min of programme and 20min of ads. Self-regulation is their code word for no regulation.

  2. Now I might be a bit thick but Why did the Sydney Harbour Bridge tolls go up due to the GST? If the Bridge is owned by the RTA and the RTA is owned by the State Government and all the GST goes to the State Government, couldn't the State Government just drop the bridge toll to $1.81 so that with GST it comes to $2, the same as it is now? The State Government would not be out of pocket and the madness of the 20c would disappear. Wouldn't it?

  3. Similarly, if all the GST goes to the State Governments, How come the NSW State Government increased the fares on the State Government owned buses, trains, ferries and then blamed it on the GST? Isn't this just a straight out fare hike of 9% for no reason? Shouldn't it be just a 1% increase to cover GST on the inputs?

  4. What's gone wrong with the New South Wales Govt run railways? Look no further than the behind-the-scenes Olympic fiasco. One bad decision after another casts a question over the competence of those at the top of the Olympics tree. But who put them there? Like appoints like. The same people carved up our perfectly good, single, all encompassing, railway organisation and appointed the people to oversee it's carve up. This has generated such brilliant decisions as "lets run polluting diesels between Sydney and Lithgow instead of clean-green electrics" because, in the dis-membered organisation, it appears cheaper to do so and to hell with the large capital investment in the overhead wiring that previous New South Welshmen (and women) paid for. Its the party driven glove puppets, to whom these organisations report, that are the problem and they have the hide to criticise State Rail for not being able to run a rail network that has been so disastrously wounded by inane pseudo-competitive practices, put into place by the glove puppets themselves. Bring back the good old NSWGR, at least they kept the trains on time and on the rails.

    Here's what the NSWGR administration said about commercialisation (privatisation) in a book produced by the NSWGR in 1955.

    The NSWGR administration also had something interesting to say about road transport and its affect on the Railways. It basically said the railways would go broke, but read it for yourself.

    We'd all be better off if there was far less interference from the Polit Bureau in the lower house, and senators should stay in the upper house reviewing legislation and stop trying to run the country as well (Federal and State).

  5. Are you a bureaucrat? There's an easy way to tell. When faced with a situation, do you pull out the rule book right away before you make a decision. This way you can see what your peers have decided that you should do in this particular situation and when queried, you can quote "rule 37, paragraph 3, subsection c, clause ii", to protect your backside???   Or, do you use your common sense and only use the rule book as a last resort? Maybe, instead, you are one of their mutant clones, a bean-counter or a spin-doctor.

    Recently the State Politicians (Look up 'politic' in the Collins New Gem Dictionary.) wanted to abrogate their duty of care to our older citizens and engaged the services of all three of the above unpopular but sophisticated professions. (Look up 'sophisticated', probably under 'sophistry', it doesn't actually mean what we all think it means.) The Politicians asked the bean-counters to come up with enough figures to show that the state railways would be less of a drain on the public purse if the single cohesive entity was broken up, because, the resultant individual "dont care about the other" corporations would be more efficient. The bean-counters outdid themselves and even proved that it was cheaper to run diesels from Sydney to Lithgow and back instead of electric locomotives. This was a brilliant piece of sophistry in number juggling, considering that the coal-driven steam-turbine alternators sitting on top of a coal deposit are much more efficient than an internal combustion engine that has to drag its fuel supply around with it. And this is not even taking into consideration the fact that, for every three Electrics decending the Mountains, one goes up for nothing due to regenerative braking of the decending locos pumping electricity back into the grid to power the one ascending. And of course what about the pollution. Well, what about the pollution? That doesn't come into the equation.

    So whats this got to do with our older citizens? The bean-counters found that most of the people travelling on the trains in the country were elderly citizens and as such weren't paying full fare. Shock horror! We cant have this. The portion of our railway service called "country rail" will never show a profit at this rate and you cant have a corporation that doesn't show a profit, so recently on a TV interview, a spin doctor said, "as most of the passengers on country rail travel at a discount, they cant complain if we put them into buses and close down a lot of country passenger services and only run trains for the tourists who pay full fare". So now the state gov. has kicked our elderly citizens out of our safe trains and into not-so-safe buses. OK some might die or get injured in a country bus crash, but they're only old people and not really necessary to our economy are they? The spin doctor had to get us to forget that our old folk weathered the depression, WW2, built the Waragambah dam so we wouldn't run out of drinking water, built the Snowy Mountains Scheme so we wouldn't run out of electricity or fruit.

    So what do we do? Put so many people in Sydney that the Waragambah Dam is running out of water. Bulldoze the Riverina and import our fruit from California or anywhere but the Riverina. Tell the old people to forget about going on country rail trips where they can get up and stretch their legs or make a comfort stop whenever they want to.   Ah, 'tis a lucky country, 'tis.

  6. Why is the NSW State Government not looking after our Sydney Harbour Bridge anymore? In an interview with bridge staff, recently published in Sunday Life in the Sun Herald 23-9-2001, a couple of chilling statements were made. "Rust patches appear like burst capillaries around the rivets. It's a constant battle against moisture, salt and UV rays." "The old system of starting at one end and continuing to paint until reaching the other end (implying that every square inch is inspected and painted) has long gone. There isn't the money or the staff so now its a case of singling out the areas (of rust) most in need."
    The old 'coat-hanger' has lasted 70yrs, will it last another 70 ? Apparently not if we let State Gov. Politicians have their way.

  7. Why does the NSW State Government keep meddling with our education system? The more the state govt. messes round with the education system the worse it seems to get. They keep covering up one lot of blunders with another lot. I guess George Orwell got it right yet again. An education system that doesn't educate properly. Just compare the literacy & math rates for 1960 to those for 2000.


  8. Are you smart enough to see your child's invisible string? All children born in Australia have an invisible string fitted to their nose. The rest of the string is coiled up and placed on their heads. When brought into the presence of the Ruling Elite, the said child has to remove any hat and bow their head so as to enable the ruling elite to gather up the invisible strings and lead the person by the nose as they see fit. Various organisations (insert your favourite) gradually strengthen these invisible strings and only the child's parents can weaken them, but only if they are smart enough to see them. Are you working to remove your childs invisible string?

  9. Didn't the Americans prove in the 1920s that prohibition didn't work? Somebody should tell the NSW government who are hell bent on prohibiting everything they can think of. Prohibition doesn't work and eventually only ends up upsetting the general population.

  10. Do you think this is a waste of oil? Recently we bought a cake from our local supermarket. A plain ordinary sheet of sponge cake. It was made in Melbourne and trucked the 600 miles to Sydney. What, we cant bake cakes in Sydney? Oil is too cheap and we are just wasting it. The human race doesn't deserve this planet. God where are you? Superman will do or at a pinch, even some aliens? Though, by the time they arrive, there's going to be nothing left of the planet or us.

  11. How do you judge a society? Have you ever noticed at the supermarket, how young people pull out a note to pay at the checkout but old people are always rummaging around in their purse for coins to pay? Why would this be? Old people are so broke they dont have any notes left. They have to look for loose change because we dont give them enough pension to live on.

    Old people belong to the generation that believed you should get all your teeth removed and have dentures fitted by the time you are 65 yrs old. Nowadays, when they go to hospital, as old people often do, they take their dentures with them to eat. Recently, several Concord Hospital staff told me that many old people "lose" there dentures while in hospital. They said the hospital takes NO responsibility for any lost dentures and the elderly patients have to pay for a new set as the hospital (insurance company) WILL NOT pay.

    Now you may think that's reasonable when the patient loses things, BUT how can an 80+ yr old, who has just had a hip replacement and cant walk and is stuck in a hospital bed with no rubbish bin, "lose" anything. Anything that goes missing, such as dentures, has to be taken away by hospital staff and so the patient cant actually "lose" anything. Add to this the fact that the hip-replacement patients are dosed up on such powerful halucination-inducing pain-killers (morphine) that they actually dont know what day it is and yet are accused of "losing" their missing dentures and are held responsible. The hospitals answer is to feed them pureed food from then on until the PATIENT can arrange a new set of dentures.

    It is said quite often that you can judge a society by how well it treats animals. I think you can better judge a society by how well we treat our elderly and it seems we treat ours pretty shabbily.

  12. Do you think that the RTA sets the speed limits on hills as follows? They get a few of the most popular cars, run them down the hill with the transmission in Drive but with no feet on the accelerator or brakes, see what speed they get up to, take an average, then set the speed limit 10km/h slower?

  13. Should the RTA take its share of the blame for the increase in road rage? Have you noticed that many poor road lane alignments force traffic to merge when it really wouldn't be necessary if the lanes were laid out more sensibly. Merging traffic always causes road-rage, especially when one lane carrys most of the traffic and the faster lane carrys less because further down the road it becomes a right-hand-turn-or-straight-through lane. Cars come whizzing down it until they see some cars turning right then they want the full slow-lane to give way to them and let them in. One such place where this occurs is where Boundary road meets Babbage road at Chatswood. Two lanes become three lanes. The left lane handles left-turn-or-straight-through at the next traffic lights but the right hand lane also becomes a r-h-t-o-s-t lane at the traffic-lights after that. What should have been done is to make the new left lane, which is only about 6 cars long, be a left turn only lane. Leave the original two lanes go through the first traffic-lights and gently swerve to the left so that the next section of right lane becomes a right turn only at the next traffic-lights. This way there would be no merging and hence less road-rage and the traffic flow-through would be the same as it is now. In fact it may be a bit faster as merging slows down the traffic. This moving the two main lanes back and forth is done continuously on the Pacific Highway so it's not a new idea.

  14. Is the RTA in the punishment business? Have you noticed that the airports have automatic cameras that can recognise faces in the crowd and so tell if they are terrorists? Have you noticed that the RTA has automatic cameras everywhere to catch you speeding? Have you noticed that the RTA has automatic cameras on express-ways that can recognise number plates so that they can keep a check on overall speeds? Have you noticed that the RTA has automatic cameras at traffic lights to catch you driving through a red light? Yet they haven't got automatic cameras that can recognise an empty traffic lane at a set of traffic lights and, as a result, keep you waiting when there's no other traffic? Automatic cameras are not used when there is no chance of making a quid (buck) for the RTA: ie. for the motorists benefit but just to catch and punish you if you do something wrong.

  15. Is the RTA scared of big-business? Why else would the RTA allow big-business put up big advertising signs on bridges over our busy roads? Aren't these advertising signs soley designed to take the drivers eyes from watching the road to reading the sign? How can this increase road safety?

  16. Have you noticed that the RTA tell our children to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing because its safer, then protect these crossings with a couple of yellow plastic pillars which have as much strength as upturned plastic garbage bins? They've even protected some crossings with a few bent water pipes painted yellow. You've probably seen these bent flat to the ground by some argy bargy motorist.

    Do you think that these low cost constructions are enough to protect our children? Shouldn't the RTA be brought to task over them?

  17. Is the RTA trying to increase the number of road accidents or reduce them? Isn't it bad enough that we have to put up with large amber coloured electronic signs hanging over our heads reminding us what bad drivers we are? Now the signs flash every few seconds between two different messages. Is the RTA trying to make their sign stand out from the too many other signs on our roads? Are they trying to attract our attention to read their sign (twice)? Unfortunately, to do this we have to take our eyes off the road (twice). Do you know how far your car travels while you're doing this? This has the same mad ring to it as waking up a patient in a hospital to give them a sleeping pill.

  18. Under-25s Insurance Ripoff. As you know motor insurance companies increase insurance charges, both comprehensive and green slip, if the car is going to driven by an under-25. They say they do this because under-25s have more accidents than other age groups. Now these charges are blanket charges and apply to all under-25s, every year. Doesn't this discriminate against good under-25 drivers that dont have any accidents. Now I might be wrong but I thought that insurance was just a way of gambling. You bet the company that you will have an accident and they bet you that you wont and they give you odds at about 10 to 1.

    Now if a thirty year old driver insures a car they pay X dollars. Most of them wont have an accident. If an under-25 insures a car they have to pay X plus Y dollars because the company bets they will have an accident. If at the end of the year they have not had one then the company was wrong and the under-25 should be treated exactly the same as the 30 year old and pay the same cost. I believe the first year the cost can be the X plus Y dollars but the next year, if there has been no accidents the Y dollars already paid should be credited to the new insurance year and so on. This way good under 25 drivers will be rewarded for driving carefully and not penalised just because of their age. If you agree write a letter to your insurance company requesting this discrimination be stopped and let's start rewarding good driving, especially from the under-25s. But dont hold your breath waiting for anything to change.

  19. Did you know, when the free world let the Nazis invade Czecho-Slovakia at the start of WW2, one of the first things they did was to force people to register all their dogs and pay a fee for the privilege. Another edict was that if anyone was found carrying a weapon or sharp object, they would be severely dealt with. This should sound familiar to everyone in NSW. Our state government uses any excuse to tighten the screws and crank up the police-state another notch. They may even get three notches out of the current brouhaha.

  20. Wouldn't it be better if refugees stayed at home and fought to get their country back, as French people did during WW2?

  21. Has the current Federal Liberal/National Government swindled the new "Mum & Dad" shareholders and the Self-funded Retirees under the age of 65 and even some over 65?   Have they just increased the tax these people will pay and reduced the tax that rich people will pay?   You decide.

    Consider the following:-
    1. Originally Capital gains on shares had inflation subtracted so that the captial gain was the true gain.
    2. Originally Capital gains were taxed at your current marginal rate. They were not added to and thus increase your income, pushing you into a higher tax bracket.
    3. Originally Self-funded retirees above and below 65 were given a $450 tax rebate (tax offset in doublespeak) as a reward for living off their savings and not being a drain on the public purse.
    4. Now Capital gains will include any inflation.
    5. Now 50% of the Capital gains is added to your income and bad luck if it pushes you into the next tax bracket.
    6. Now the savings rebate for Self-funded retirees under 65 has been taken away and not replaced with anythying. Obviously the government doesn't mean what it says when it says it wants retired people to support themselves. Its actions say the reverse.

    So What?   Dont these rules apply equally to rich and not-so rich shareholders? This is where the sheer deviousness of this plan comes to the fore. Follow the next bit closely:-
    1. Lets look at the inflation angle. Most people know that if you put money away in an investment at say 10% interest and leave it, the result will compound and the balance will rise at an exponential rate. That is it will rise slowly at first and then speed up gradually as the years pass. This is why financial advisers tell us to put money into superannuation when we are young.

      Well, do you realise that inflation also compounds in exactly the same way? Pity the poor old Mum & dad investors who bought various shares at the bidding of the Federal government and put them away in the bottom draw to live off the income. When they finally go to sell them or leave them to their kids in their will, just about all the actual value of the shares will be capital gain. 50% of this will be added to your yearly income and taxed as though you earnt all this gain in one year where in reality it may have taken 15 years. And remember the federal government has control of inflation. It's not 30% so they must have.

      Now consider the rich shareholder. Most likely he/she will have enough shares to make it cost-effective to have a broker look after them and trade their shares fairly often, say every couple of years, to realise their capital gain. Over 15 years they may even end up with the same amount of capital gain as the Mum & dad investors but as they were paying their capital gains tax each year their inflation wont have compounded and so they will have paid less tax in total.

      Even if by some stroke of good fortune the tax paid by both ends up exactly the same, this will certainly make sure the low income investor has a minimal increase in their capital to leave their kids. "No child should be born richer than the next." Now what political party espouses that dogma?

    2. Lets look at the capital gains being taxed at your marginal rate as opposed to 50% being added on to your income. Most rich people are already on the top marginal rate of 47c in the dollar and so pay top tax on their capital gains. However poorer investors with lower incomes, pay a lower percentage tax on their capital gains. If their incomes were less than $5400 they paid no capital gains tax at all.

      Now, after the change, the rich pay top rate on 50% of their capital gains, 22.5%. The poorer investors pay half their rate but the people with incomes less than $6000 now have half their capital gain added to their low income which most likely will push them over $6000 and now they will pay 17% tax where before they paid nothing. The rich pay less tax and the poor pay more. That's not the Australian fair go in action, but it's what you would expect from a uncaring federal government hell bent on fleecing the low income investor.

    3. Anybody investing in shares via managed funds will pay tax on 50% of any capital gains distributed by the fund. All well and good you might say, no worse than the person who actually owns shares directly. But in a managed fund the other 50% of the capital gain is subtracted off the cost price of the units you paid for when you joined the fund. This means when you leave the fund or just sell some of your units, the realised capital gain will now incorporate the reduced cost price which increases the capital gain. So you dont just pay tax on 50% of the capital gain, you get stung for another bite at 25% of your capital gain further down the track. Of course its only Mums & Dads and capital-poor investors that will use managed funds because they dont have enough money to buy sufficient shares directly.

      (This particular aspect of the capital gains ripoff caused such a stink that the federal government had to back down and change the legislation (but they still kept one years worth) to stop the tax slug on the extra 25%. Now if we could only get them to back down on the first two.)

    Are you being ripped-off?

  22. Are governments and the green party responsible for the increase in asthma, especially in children?

    Please Consider :-
    1. The green party continuously lobbies for cars with less pollution.
    2. The governments lean on the car manufacturers to make cars that produce less pollution.
    3. The car manufacturers believe that if cars use less fuel than they will produce less pollution so they design cars in wind tunnels to have less air-drag.
    4. The car manufacturers believe that if cars use less fuel than they will produce less pollution so they design smaller engines.
    5. Smaller engines have to spin faster to produce a useful amount of power.
    6. In order to spin faster they have to have short stroke pistons and cylinders.
    7. Short stroke engines accelerate faster.
    8. Short stroke engines dont have as much braking effect as long stroke ones.
    9. The percentage of short-stroke engined cars over the older long-stroke engined cars is forever increasing.
    10. The number of traffic lights is forever increasing.
    11. So now we have cars, that accelerate faster and have less engine braking and air-drag, travelling in a more stop/start style of traffic thus more use of the brakes is necessary in normal driving.
    12. The car manufacturers now use soft brake-linings.
    13. More use of the brakes combined with soft brake-linings means more brake dust in the air, and, by the way, a lot of brake-linings still contain asbestos.

    Is it possible that all this extra brake-dust equals more Asthma?

  23. Do Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) produce Alpha, Beta or Gamma rays, or just Xrays?

    LEDs are those little lights that dont burn out and are now used in everything from a portable radio as a tuning indicator to a toaster as a power-on indicator. I dont think there's an electrical device made today that hasn't got one in it somewhere.

    Approx 10 to 15 years ago I was working in a TV station. A fellow workmate worked in the Telecine section where films are transferred to TV. This area stored quite a number of films. They used to be stored in metal cannisters but subsequently these were changed to plastic. As in all film handling areas a decent fire alarm system was installed, consisting of heat sensors and smoke detectors. The smoke detectors were industrial strength types and had been there as long as anyone could remember. They were tested fairly regularly and changed if found faulty. A rumour went round that these smoke detectors were of the ionising type, that is, they contained an amount of radio-active material, which ionised the air allowing it to sniff out smoke particles. (Similiar to the home types found hanging on the shelves for sale in the supermarkets. If you look on the back of the card they are mounted on, you will see the Radio-Active symbol, a tape reel with 3 segments missing.)

    My workmate, having worked in Telecine all his life, decided to see if his life expectancy was in jeopardy from these units. Luckily it was about this time the Dick Smith Electronics stores were selling a small radiation meter. My mate had already purchased one and brought it to work. It was a pretty primitive unit. No calibration, no amplifier or loud speaker like a real Geiger Counter has, just a small hi-lo meter and a beeper.

    If you are not sure how a radiation meter works read this paragraph, if you already know, skip to the next one. Nobody seems to be too sure whether radiation comes in waves or particles. Radiation meters seem to work on particles. The meter contains a small vacuum tube with a very thin window and runs on about 500 volts. The tube is basically non-conducting until a radio-active particle shoots through the window into the tube. This causes a brief increase in conduction and the tube outputs a short pulse. In a proper Geiger Counter this pulse is amplified and fed to a calibrated meter and a loud speaker. You hear a tiny click for every particle that enters the window. The more particles, the more clicks you hear. A pretty solid radiation count sounds like static coming from a mistuned radio. You've probably already heard it in a movie or documentary.

    In the cheapo model the tube output pulse feeds a beeper so that you hear a beep of a fixed length for every pulse and the meter needle flicks upwards slightly. Now you couldn't use this to measure radio-activity but it is useful for comparison purposes. The meter came with a small note talking about background radiation and not to be surprised if the meter beeps even if you are just holding it in your hand and pointing it at nothing in particular. It seems that cosmic rays from outerspace will trigger the unit as will stray particles coming from some clays. The higher you are the more cosmic rays you cop. Some clay pots radiate. Your backyard may also radiate if its got the right clay under it.

    So we placed the window just below the business end of the Telecine smoke detectors. The poor little radiation meter went off its brain. The needle climbed well up the scale and the beeper was going continuously. This was about 2 feet above our heads. We pulled the unit down to about 6 inches above our head but still directly under the smoke detector. The meter calmed down a bit but was still way above the background level. All this only happened if you were directly under the detector. As soon as you moved sideways the meter fell back to background level. My mate decided that as long as you didn't stand directly under the detectors you were all right. He still works there. In the meantime I took the radiation meter over to some equipment and put the window up to a red LED. The meter went up to about 3 times background level with the appropiate amount of beeping. I thought LED stood for LIGHT Emitting Diode. Whats this radiation meter going off for? I put the unit up to a different red LED, same result. I found a power indicator which had an actual small pilot lamp in it. No effect. So it was only the LEDs doing it.

    Does the bonding and unbonding going on at molecular level in a LED produce Radio-Activity? Does anyone know?

  24. Do RTA road traffic Speed Cameras cause an increased risk of asthma and/or cancer?

    Without mentioning the fact that they use Ultra High Frequency Radar which radiate pulses of electromagnetic radio waves to measure the speed of individual cars, consider the following.

    On Centenial ave, LaneCove there is a slight dip in the road. Its big enough to cause cars to accelerate as they drop into it. The RTA has placed a speed camera just past the bottom of the dip.

    Now consider the situation if there was no camera.
    The cars are approaching at 60kph but underpower as the approach is actually clinbing a hill from Epping road. With gravity helping the cars down into the dip, they will accelerate up to 70 or 75 at the bottom of the dip but, with gravity hindering, the rise on the opposite slope will cause them to drop back to 60k. No brakes used or more accelerator used.

    Consider the situation with the speed camera in place.
    All the cars put their brakes on going down into the dip, some even slowing to 55kph. They then put on the power to climb up out of the dip. As a result we have all traffic in both directions puting on brakes and using more accelerator than they did in the first case.

    The people living on both sides of the dip now breathe in more brake-dust and more burnt petrol pollution with the camera than they did before it was put there. They have swapped the maybe of an accident for the definite continuous breathing of increased pollution.
    This cant be more healthy for them, can it?


  25. Does electricity cause cancer?

    I think it does but not necessarily in the way you might expect.

    A short while ago I mentioned the clay under your backyard. I would like to elaborate on this a bit. There seems to be more cancer around now than there used to be. Some people say it's because, in the past, it wasn't diagnosed correctly. Consider the following:-
    1. People used to burn wood, coal, coke or coal-gas in their houses for cooking, heating and lighting.
    2. Because of the above, houses were designed with high ceilings and every room had good sized ventilators high up in the walls.
    3. Subsequently electricity was invented and gradually took over the job of cooking, heating and lighting.
    4. As people didn't burn fuel in their houses any more, ventilators were not needed in every room so they were removed from the housing requirements. Now they are only required in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry.
    5. Simultaneously the high ceilings were no longer necessary so the ceiling height dropped from 9.5 feet to 8 feet.
    6. Now the lower ceilings meant the walls were not as high and there was no room in the walls for ventilators so they were moved to the ceilings.
    7. Unfortunately, the ventilators are now horizontal not vertical and so get clogged up more easily by the dust in the ceiling space and soon they dont ventilate at all.
    8. So now we have houses with poor ventilation.
    9. Remember that clay under the backyard I mentiond, well it's also under the house and a Radio-Active gas called Radon slowy trickles up from the clay and is trapped in the house, the house with poor ventilation.
    10. In the summer time, in Australia, the middle class and in fact any one with two bob to rub together has an airconditioner somewhere in their house. They close up the house and put the air/con. on recirculate and breathe Radon most of the day and all the night.

            Wouldn't that increase the cancer rate?.

  26. Do power lines cause cancer?

    Here is a possible mechanism.

    All wires carrying an electric current are surrounded with magnetic and electrostatic fields. Without them Radio, TV, Mobile Phones and Electric Motors wouldn't work. Power lines at high voltage and carrying large currents must have large fields around them.

    For the sake of this discussion lets assume the fields around the power lines look like a large sausage shaped tube strung between each power pole. The tube would reach out from the power lines about half the height of the pole. It starts to rain. The rain drops would be evenly spreadout as usual and some would fall on to the tube. These would roll off both sides of the tube in a continuous waterfall all along the tube, half the water falling on the road and half falling onto the front yard of the houses. Obviously the more power passed down the lines the bigger the tube, the higher the poles and the further out the waterfall will reach. The ultimate would be the 330,000 volt metal towers, where the waterfall would fall onto the roofs of the houses built along side the right of way.

    Now the fields are not static but reversing direction 50 times a second. Ever seen water flying off a dogs coat as it reverses direction while shaking itself? This would cause the water to fly of the power line tube and fly further towards the houses.

    Now substitute cosmic rays for the rain and you can see that there would be a concentration of cosmic rays pouring into the houses built close to the power lines. Of course cosmic rays are not as concentrated as rain but they are a hell of a lot more dangerous. Just ask the astronauts.

    Similarly the power transformers mounted on power poles in normal streets will have bigger fields which may reach to the nearest houses, showering them with a continuous stream of cosmic rays.

          A worrying possibility, dont you think? Should power lines be underground?

  27. Does electricity cause Alzheimers Disease?

    Consider the following:-
    • Modern houses typically have the master bedroom on the extreme left or right of the house.
    • Normally the driveway or garage is on the opposite side.
    • The mains-power meter-box is mounted on the sidewall of the house away from the driveway or garage.
    • Therefore the meter-box is on the wall of the master bedroom.
    • The meter-box is usually about 5 feet back from the front of the house.
    • The meter-box is about 6 feet from the ground.
    • The wooden floor of the house is about 18 inches above the ground.
    • The master-bed is laid out across the room with it head up against the outer-wall.
    • The bed is positioned far enough from the front wall to allow a bedside table.
    • This puts the meter-box about 18 inches above the heads of the sleeping occupants of the bed.
    • The meter-box typically contains two power-meters.
    • Each power-meter contains two coils.
    • One is connected across the mains and draws a small current continuously.
    • The other is in series with the main power feeds and carries all the current consumed by the household.
    • During the night the hotwater system consumes 15 amps for about 6 hrs then cycles on and off till morning.
    • In the winter time an electric heater running all night consumes 10 amps.
    • In the summertime any household that has two bob to rub together has an air-conditioner running all night, consuming 5 amps as it cycles on and off.
    • 20 to 25 amps is an appreciable amount of current and causes a strong magnetic-field to be generated around the meter box.
    • Mains-power pulses at 50 reversals a second.
    • The meter-box is only made of thin sheet steel which does little to attenuate the magnetic-field.
    • The occupants of the master-bed sleep all night with their heads bathed in this strong magnetic-field for about 8 hrs every night of their lives.
    • Their parents house didnt have the problem as their meters were mounted high on the wall of the front verandah and so were away from the master-bed.

    Wouldn't all this pulsing magnetic-field interfere with our electrically operated brains and the cellular replendishment within, especially the movement of aluminium molecules.?

  28. Did you know that 10 yrs ago it cost $5 to store 1Mb in a computer hard drive? Now it costs a tenth of a cent. That's 5000 times cheaper. Has anything else got that much cheaper?

  29. Can anyone clarify the following? Back in the 1960s I have vague recollections of going into the front room of a building just east of St Leonards station. (A lower north shore Sydney suburb.) I think it was near the old WIA (Wireless Institute of Australia) rooms. In that front room was a free-standing glass cabinet of the type that was in thousands of small shops throughout Sydney. Standing behind that counter was a young man eager to serve anyone that came 'alookin'. In the cabinet were electronic components, the like of which we hadn't seen before, very small and colourful. Tiny resistors and capacitors, much smaller than the Australian made ones we were used to. These colourful components were made overseas and were the latest thing to be imported. They were a forunner of a tide of similar components that were so far ahead of ours, they effectively put our Australian, but foreign owned, component factories out of business; our factories eventually fought back but alas too late. And the person behind the counter? All I can remember is that he wore glasses. Does any one else remember that room? Did it grow into a big company or like many others, has it long since folded? Unfortunately a lot of people wore glasses in those days (no contact lenses) and I was too interested in the contents of the glass case to bother noticing the person who stood behind it.

    Does anyone know the true story of that room?

  30. Has the Australian Catholic Church lost its belief in the Host?

    Let me relate a small parable to illustrate the point.

    You are walking along a road in an industrial complex. A door opens near you and two men walk out, carrying between them a small stainless steel container with a screw-on lid. It is approx 18 inches (half a metre) high and 6 inches (15 centimetres) in diameter. It has a handle welded on each side just under the top so that it hangs vertically when supported by the handles. The men are walking slowly and carrying it very carefully. Interested, you ask what they are doing. "Just moving this Nyetro-Glycerene from the laboratory to the storeroom" is the answer. You are happy when they disappear into the next building.

    Almost immediately the original door opens again and another two men appear. The first one runs 30 feet (10 metres) along the road and calls "Ready" to the other man who, carrying a container like the one described above, throws it like a football to the first. The second man then runs in front of the first and in his turn catches the container as he runs past. Once again you ask what they are doing. "Just moving this Nyetro-Glycerene from the laboratory to the storeroom" is the answer.

    You run for your life expecting an explosion any second. What are these people thinking? Are they mad, stupid or just dont know what Nyetro-Glycerene is? Or possibly they dont believe they are carrying Nyetro.

    What's this got to do with religion? Please bear with me. One of the important beliefs of the Catholic Church is that the Consecrated Bread, Host, Holy Communion or whatever you wish to call It, is really and truly the live Body of Jesus, brought into being by the power invested in Peter and the Apostles by Jesus at the Last Supper. I've attended church for 40+ years but lately I've noticed that the Australian Catholic Church does not appear to believe the above any more.

    Let us assume we are sitting in church one Sunday morning and suddenly Jesus is actually standing in the doorway in Person. After the shock wore off what do you think the Priest and Parishioners would do? Most likely fall all over each other to welcome Jesus to the church and take Him down to the front dais so He could see all the people and they could see Him. He would be put in a place of importance. Funny, they dont treat the Consecrated Host this way.

    A while ago our Parish Priest left the Parish suddenly without warning, and didn't come back. I could not get to the bottom of that story so I went to a number of surrounding churches, attending Mass and checking out the Priests. A number of these churches were quite modern. One was based on the quarter of a circle amphitheatre style. The altar was at the apex and there were two doorways in the curved wall opposite the apex with two aisles leading down to the altar. I entered and went down about half way, genuflected and sat down. I had a bit of a glance round and watched the other people coming in. Most of the old people genuflected to the altar and most of the young people didn't genuflect at all. The front of the church looked a bit bare, no altar rails, a plain marble table altar on a raised dais with a large Crucifix hanging from the roof. Some thing seemed to be missing but I couldn't put my finger on it. We were part way through the service when it hit me. There was no red light burning. In fact there was no Tabernacle (the place where the Consecrated Hosts are kept) either. I started to wonder if I had got the address wrong and this wasn't a Catholic Church. I scanned right round the building and finally I saw a little red light burning in an alcove at the back of the church between the two entries. All the people were being forced to sit with their backs to the Host. All the people that had genuflected when they reached their seats did it to an empty table and not to the Host which is the reason they are genuflecting in the first place. Maybe in this church Jesus would not be taken down to the front but would be put up the back and told to keep out of the way.

    I know this church is probably the worst case but it is a newish one and all but one of the others I visited had moved the Tabernacle from its place of importance at the centre front and shoved it off to the side. The main centre front position now has a chair for the Priest to sit in. The Host moved out of the way for the Priest's chair?

    Like the second pair of men with the Nyetro, the Church does not treat the Host as though they believe it really is Jesus in Person. Well it certainly seems that way, doesn't it?



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