C32 class loco, flat truck and guard's van

The Nostalgia Page.

I recently came across some 50+ yrs old photos, magazines and paper cuttings. Most of the photos were taken in the early 1930s and the printed material 1929 - 1957. Come with me on a trip down memory lane. For those that weren't born before WW2, it will have to be a somewhat imaginary trip.


* Remember when the latest home appliances looked like this. 1950
1950 Ad for home appliances.


* Country people may remember this appliance. 1954

1954 Ad for clothes/dish washer in Red Cross Recipe Book.


* Remember when we had three big airlines and they all made a profit. 1949

1958 Ad.
1949 Ad for TAA, Trans Australia Airlines. 1949 Ad for TAA, Trans Australia Airlines.


* Remember when the latest radio looked like this. 1957
1957 Ad for AWA radio.


* Remember when Television was new and exciting and we all wanted one. 1957
1957 Ad for Healing TV.


* On-his-T is the best Pol-I-see.   Remember when there was nothing more Australian than Arnotts. Till we sold it to the Americans. William Arnott would be spinning in his grave. 1929
1929 Ad for Arnotts Biscuits by the tin.

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All Photos, unless stated otherwise, were taken with various box-cameras and are from the late Fred Yates collection.

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