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A Princess comes to Sydney.

A Star lights up Sydney Harbour.





The Moon peeps through over Sydney at 3.30am.



The sky over Sydney is clearer at 3.45am.



The Star Princess rounds Bradley's Head at 4am.



One employee is enjoying the view from the open hawser door in the bow.



A few people are up.



A slight list to starboard as 2700+ pieces of luggage are readied for unloading.



The Star heads towards the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.



The list is more noticeable.



The city lights welcome a tired Princess.







Intermission  I







The Sydney Opera House, built in the late 1960s for $140,000,000, all lottery proceeds.



The Star Princess nestles among the greenery as Sydney's citizens come to marvel at her size.



A closer view of the sharp end. Notice the bow wing-doors where the wingman helps it to berth.



Just to remind you which country the Star is in.



Seven hawsers at each end hold the Star prisoner. If it decided to go, could the Passenger Terminal bollards stop it?



Under the bridge the Star has some nice lines.



Now which cabin is yours again?



There's a new hotel at The Rocks which wasn't there yesterday.



Which country is the Star in again?



The windswept lady guards the organ pipes.



The blunt end.



A 21st century ship sits between 20th century buildings on the left and 19th century ones on the right.



Half a billion dollars worth of pure luxury, for the masses.



Would you believe that the Star actually weighs a lot more than our Harbour Bridge and it floats better too ?







Intermission  II







Evening twilight is almost gone as, after a day of rest, the Star's big diesels rumble into life in preparation for the 9pm departure.



Christmas fireworks light up the clouds.



The 70 yr old Sydney Harbour Bridge smiles serenly over the mayhem, as the train passengers' necks begin to crane.



The city lights illuminate the misty rain.



The Star backs out of Circular Quay while the Fort Dennison light throws a line of sparkles across the black water.



The harbour pilot has to remember that the Star is one of the very few ships that wont fit under the bridge.



The centre of attention lights up the clouds as it turns towards the harbour entrance.



The Star is flanked by small boats as it dawdles down the harbour towards us.



The city lights beam their farewell to the 3800 passengers and crew.



The Star's passengers wont know which way to look as one of the many illuminated Christmas party boats passes by.



The shore lights dim as the harbour widens and the passengers prepare for a night of pitch black as the 109000 ton giant prepares to round Bradley's head, travel through the harbour entrance and out into the deep dark Pacific.





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Original daylight photos of Star Princess taken by Mark Gibbons.

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