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Whimsical Pictures






Takin' Off.

or The Last One Leaves the Nest.





I'll only take a few things.



My little baby is leaving me.



Aussies sit in the front.



To the airport James, and dont spare the horses, er, kilowatts.   (Doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?)










It's the wrong plane at the right time.



We've got to go back. We've forgotten something.



What's that?



My lunch.



At last. You're late? Dont you know you have a VIP on board?



Hey, there's mum and dad. Cant you see me? I'm waving in the 37th window.



Pilot:  Hey Joe, take the wheel for a moment while I find a paper bag. It must have been that fish I ate last night.



The fish I had last night was ok.



Did they ever find out why No3 was running hot?



Apparently they fixed it by re-adjusting the temperature gauge.



Make a left before we run into the bay.



"Jumbo to Tower, ready to access runway." "Tower to Jumbo, the pattern is full."



"Seagull to tower, Permission to land next." "Tower to Seagull, you're clear land on the adjacent liquid runway at anytime."



Landing Pilot:  Get a load of the flat tyre on that plane waiting to take off.






Hey, you people, got any bread?



I guess it's fish for supper again.



Why are we waiting???????



Co-pilot:  Shouldn't that starboard gas tank be reading full?



And round we go.



Just a bit more.



Pilot:  Jumbo to Tower, we're ready for takeoff.



Co-pilot:  The brakes are stuck on.



Pilot:  Tell the passengers, they can start pedalling now.



Pilot:  Dont move, one of my contact lens just dropped out. Take over the stick will you?



Co-pilot:  But it's my first time as co-pilot.



Pilot:  You'll be ok, just follow the dotted line.



Pilot:  We're barely making V1, tell the passengers to pedal faster.



Pilot:  Keep those throttles up.



Pilot:  Now would be a good time to pull the stick back.



Pelican to Tower. Considering takeoff.



This is how you do it.



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