Netscape 6 produces errors that Netscape 4 does not.

Originally I used Netscape 4.08 stand-alone browser and Internet Explorer 4.01 to set up this website. All the HTML code was written to make sure these two browsers reproduced the pages correctly. I have been waiting for Netscape to update version 4.08 but they never did. I was lucky enough to recently find an unofficial stand-alone version of Netscape 6.2.3 and installed this. Unfortunately, I immediately found that some of my pages did not reproduce correctly. The comparisons are shown below.

If anyone knows why this is so, I'd love to hear from you.

The Menu page as correctly displayed by Netscape 4.

The Menu page as incorrectly displayed by Netscape 6.

The "Alt" description from the "Img" instruction correctly displayed by Netscape 4.

The "Alt" description from the "Img" instruction is not displayed at all by Netscape 6.

The Electricks triple window page displayed correctly by Netscape 4.

The Electricks triple-window page has two errors as displayed incorrectly by Netscape 6.
1. The main window is offset from the original calling window, chopping off the right hand edge.
2. Two of the three small windows are narrower than they should be, causing horizontal scroll bars to appear which in turn cover up part of the images.

If you look at the next two images you will see that Netscape 6 has a much smaller address-window than Netscape 4. This is continually cutting off the tail-end of long internet addresses and is very very annoying.



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